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Fold-down cable management tray

Manufacturer: boho office
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  • Fold-down on both sides
  • Super for a multiple socket
  • Subtle design
  • Powder coated steel



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The practical cable tray folds out on both sides for stowing cables, multiple sockets, power supply units, etc. It can be used universally for all standard desktops with a minimum thickness of 2 cm. The double holder guarantees a firm fit of the tray, the discreet design adapts perfectly to your working environment.

  • folds down on both sides
  • powder-coated steel
  • silk-matt gloss
  • available in different sizes and colours
  • Plastic-free packaging with a minimum of 80% waste paper, 100% recyclable

Cable tray 57 cm (incl. holders 59 cm wide)

  • Size (l/w/h): 57x12,5x8 cm

Cable tray 107 cm (incl. holders 109 cm wide)

  • Size (l/w/h): 107x12,5x8 cm

Delivery includes: cable tray, double holders, cable fixing and assembly material.

Package contents

  • cable tray
  • double holders for mounting on the tabletop
  • cable fixing
  • assembly material

Downloads & Assembly instructions

Assembly instructions

  • Free delivery via parcel service (only Germany)
  • 3 year service and warranty
Customer evaluation for "Fold-down cable management tray"

Very useful

 am 29 February 2024

Good quality and does what it promises!

Delivery arrived after 2 days. Very good!

Cable tray a must!

 am 14 February 2024

Anyone who is constantly struggling with tangled cables needs this cable tray from boho. Very high quality and easy to use.

I am very satisfied, you can't go wrong with this purchase!

very good

 am 21 December 2023

A cable duct that does exactly what it promises. I don't need to say any more.
I can recommend the channel.

Perfect for stowing all cables

 am 5 November 2023

I bought this product as an accessory for my desk from the same manufacturer. It meets my expectations exactly and fulfils its purpose completely.

It is very easy to attach to the desk. There are 2 holders at each end. This means I can easily access the cable duct if I want to move something around or take my home office equipment with me when travelling.

I can only recommend the product.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Good product

 am 19 October 2023

Good goods, high quality. Exemplary customer service

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Fulfils its purpose.

 am 16 October 2023

I like it very much so far. The part looks very sturdy (metal) and is big enough for lots of cables and a fat connector strip. You can open the holder with a click and hang the box down on one side to access the cables. It can also be removed completely without any problems.

CAUTION when opening the box! I removed the adhesive tape and then lifted the box. The metal box then shot straight out of the box and hit me on the big toe.
The metal box survived and is undoubtedly very sturdy. My toe got a deep blue mark. That was VERY painful.
But the box is good. :-)

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Absolutely recommendable

 am 2 August 2023

I am thrilled with the product.
It does exactly what it is supposed to do and looks beautiful.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Perfect for height-adjustable desks

 am 30 July 2023

I have the product on my height-adjustable desk and am very satisfied.
In combination with a flexible cable guide, the product makes for a good look and all cables are perfectly tucked away.

Assembly is very easy (only 4 screws in the table top from below).

I also have a socket strip in the cable tray (pay attention to the width and height, not every strip fits in the tray - depending on how the plugs are arranged).

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Good quality cable tray

 am 21 June 2023

Good and valuable cable tray. Even a socket strip or power supply units can be elegantly stored in it. The tray itself is made of sheet metal and looks elegant. The holder itself is quickly mounted with 2 screws. Since one of my brackets (made of plastic) broke off (which can happen), I received a replacement bracket quickly, unbureaucratically and in a friendly manner. The brackets themselves are made of plastic. I can't say whether a broken bracket happens more often. Since these holders are not available for purchase separately, I assume that it happens relatively rarely. All in all, I am satisfied and would gladly buy this again.

Cable tray from Boho

 am 27 May 2023

The Boho cable tray has proven to be an outstanding product for over a year. Assembly is straightforward and clear, making the whole process effortless. The quality of this cable tray is truly impressive. It is made of robust materials that ensure long-term use. Both the workmanship and durability are first class.

Another plus point is the unbeatable price-performance ratio. The cable tray from Boho offers first-class quality at a reasonable price. Compared to similar products on the market, it really stands out.

Using Boho's cable tray has exceeded our expectations. It has helped us keep our cables neat and organised, resulting in a tidy and professional environment. The reliability and durability of this product are impressive.

Overall, I highly recommend Boho's cable tray. With its easy assembly, excellent quality and fair price, it is an investment worth making. If you are looking for a reliable solution to effectively manage your cables, the cable tray by Boho is the best choice!

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Perfect cable tray for clean cable management

 am 19 March 2023

First of all: The cable tray is really very high quality and looks really nice and inconspicuous.

The assembly was easy because you could mark the required screw positions on the tabletop with a pencil when it was assembled. There was no need to measure and calculate.

Due to the height and especially the width, the fattest connectors and cable harnesses can be inserted into this tray. The risk of cables and plugs bending dangerously is virtually eliminated.

The "built-in" cable guides at the ends of the strip are ideal for neatly routing out individual cables.

In my opinion, this is the best cable tray available in terms of price-performance ratio. Either the trays are really ridiculous and rickety, complicated or completely undersized or simply too expensive for a normal-thinking person. The only thing to "complain" about is the length. A perhaps 5-10€ more expensive version with 115-120cm would be even better, but as I said: absolutely unbeatable for this price.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Perfect for my height adjustable desk and great customer service

 am 1 March 2023

I built a 130x80 height adjustable desk and needed a cable channel.

After searching for several days, I came across this product from Boho Office. The first thing I liked was the price, which was much cheaper than other similar products.

The other point was the combination of materials. Cable channels that use only metal for both the channel and the hooks tend to make noise as you use the desk. In this case, the hooks are plastic and add a safety catch that prevents the channel from falling out when you move the desk or when you tidy up the cables in the channel.

Installation was very easy. Instructions are included. In my case I used a square, drew the outline of the hooks and then marked the holes. I drilled a small hole with a drill to insert the screws (which are included) and that's it, it's installed.

One advantage over other trunking is that you can arrange and secure the wires with 2 clips attached to each end. This is very useful to prevent an accidental pull on the plug distributor from falling out.

Finally, I would like to compliment Boho Office's customer service. One of the clips arrived broken. Instead of asking for the product to be replaced, I sent an email with a photo of the broken part. In less than three days I had the replacement part in my mailbox. They were very friendly.

Beautiful, practical, holds well

 am 21 January 2023

The cable strip is very beautiful in matt black. We can recommend it without hesitation!

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Makes a stable impression

 am 16 January 2023

If you have a power strip and a thick plug, the height is a little tight, but it still fits.
Not the cheapest cable tray but the workmanship is top.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Does what it should

 am 25 September 2022

...But the noise when you open the latches is unpleasant every time.

In the meantime, I've also found that velcro & cable ties are actually a better solution because you can use the entire underside of the table, not just a 15 cm wide channel at the back.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.


 am 3 August 2022

Highly recommended.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Sturdy cable trough

 am 4 July 2022

The cable tray proved to be really stable, easy to assemble, all cables and plugs fit in, really top for the price.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Faulty because not mountable, after rectification super

 am 5 April 2022

The cable tray is delivered well packaged, but unfortunately without any mounting material. How is the "foldable cable tray" supposed to be mounted under a desk, with Siemens air hooks? There was something shown in the product pictures... or was that more of a "serving suggestion"?

Very unsatisfactory.
If the seller does not contact me promptly, I will have to complain/return the part.

Useless waste of time & money.

After the seller delivered the mounting brackets, cable holders and... After the seller supplied the mounting brackets, cable holders and clips(?), the tray was quite easy to install with the screws supplied.

The tray holds (in my case) a 6/4 master-slave connector strip, 2 monitor power supply units and still has some space.

Works very well for my needs.

The tray rests on two plastic brackets on each side, which are secured with "latches" - so it can't fall down even in heavy seas.

A minimal drawback would be that the mounted tray with contents can only be tilted by a few degrees and is not visible from under the desk... In other words, loading/changes can only be made from above. But you can come to terms with that.

Fits for me and my application.

Thank you very much for the improvement.
Now 5 stars

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

very practical

 am 7 March 2022

very practical

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Great, very spacious cable duct

 am 31 January 2022

Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture before the installation. The cable duct is really great and better than anything I had before. The sheet metal is thick and very robust. The tray is suspended from two sturdy plastic parts that are screwed to the table. It is just over 57 cm wide, just over 12 cm deep and about 8 cm high. After installation, its lower edge is about 10.5 cm below the tabletop, which means that the cable duct still has a gap of about 2 cm to the tabletop. The tray itself can be completely removed. It hangs in 4 hooks (i.e. 2 on each side) on the plastic holders and can be secured there by means of locking levers. What is very good is that the holders can be opened easily and the tub can be unhooked very quickly. If you only open the hooks on one side, the tub can hang down on the long edge either at the front or at the back. This way, you can quickly and easily throw in a few new cables or put in or take out a power supply unit (for your laptop, for example). The tray is so spacious that I have installed a very large 7-way distribution box with surge protection, 2 laptop power supplies and various cables in it and there is always plenty of room.

I am really very satisfied and can recommend the cable tray to anyone who wants to create order under the table and at the same time comfortably submit changes to the cable routing at a later date.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

ser good good

 am 8 January 2022

ser good good

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.


 am 4 January 2022

All in order

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Expectations fulfilled!

 am 19 December 2021

Stable and functional. Simple assembly.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.


 am 13 December 2021

Best cable duct I know.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Fits perfectly with the boho desk

 am 1 December 2021

Quick and easy assembly. Super stable. Plenty of storage space for cables. Simply TOP and absolutely recommendable.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Great service

 am 22 November 2021

The cable tray is quickly attached and offers space for lots of double plugs and power supply units. But above all, the manufacturer's service is great. Nice staff who helped me quickly and unbureaucratically when I had a problem.

Great for tidying up all that cable clutter!

 am 12 November 2021

I am really very satisfied with this cable tray. It fits a lot of stuff in there, a whole power strip, including lots of cables. It looks very tidy. I particularly like the fact that it is accessible from both sides.
I can't say much about the durability of the clips yet, but so far everything works well and I hope it stays that way.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.


 am 28 July 2021

Is opened and closed regularly. In use for 1 year and no defects.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

A little small, but stable.

 am 20 June 2021

I use the part under a desk, of course: a 6-way power strip fits comfortably inside and all types of plugs work - perpendicular, angled and also some flatter plug-in power supplies.
The suspension is trivial but functional - I've seen it more stable, but no reason to complain.
I think the price is a bit too high for a piece of strong sheet metal - I got it for free as part of a promotion for a desk stand.

In case of doubt, I would prefer a wider strip to be able to accommodate a few cables and my monitor power supply more easily.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Great cable tray

 am 17 June 2021

I am very satisfied

Very good material

 am 28 May 2021

Very good

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Does what it should and can also be operated from both sides

 am 19 May 2021

The cable tray is large enough to accommodate a power strip with surge protection and several power supply units. Of course, it always depends on the power supply units, but I was able to store about 3 kg of power supply units and cables.
Assembly is pretty self-explanatory. The only thing you have to do is measure it yourself so that the tray is centred and straight (but there's no other way).
The tray can be locked on both sides, which I find super, so that the tray doesn't suddenly fall out of the anchorage when you have it open and are shuffling around in it. In addition, there are even screw clamps at the ends to fix the outgoing cables. So you really can't ask for more.

Cable management on a new level

 am 15 May 2021

I have already bought the cable tray for the second time. The delivery includes: the cable tray including the two brackets and the screws for fastening.

The installation on the tabletop is easy. You take the two brackets, measure them and screw them tight. Finally, the cable tray can simply be clicked into the holder and removed again and again.

I can say this much about the space inside the tray: I hide a 7-socket strip with 6 plugs and the corresponding cables in it. This socket strip can be inserted crosswise perfectly.

I can only recommend the cable tray, despite the high price it is worth it. It is stable, easy to take off and attach. Excellent product. I can only recommend it!

Functional cable duct

 am 19 April 2021

Simple mounting of the two plastic brackets. A lockable click system prevents the trunking from slipping out of the holder. If desired, one side can be easily opened to lay cables. There is also sufficient space for multiple plugs.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Actually very close to perfect.

 am 18 April 2021

We bought the cable tray for an IKEA RODULF. It fits perfectly both in terms of colour and size. The assembly was super easy, as an illustrated sketch with the distances of the holes is included. I immediately glued in an 8-way power distributor with double-sided adhesive tape. The only small flaw is that some of the small black cable holders burst off when I wrote them in. This happened to me with both and has nothing to do with "after tight comes off", but I don't have to deduct a point for that ;-)

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Super cable tray

 am 17 April 2021

I first had the small cable tray for my large desk, but I needed a larger size. The folding mechanism makes it easy to reach the cables. When folded up, however, they are very well concealed. The design of the cables and the integrated strain relief also seem very well thought-out to me. All in all, a great product that I can fully recommend.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Simply perfect

 am 13 April 2021

Simply ingenious, for those who love cable management and tidiness, this is the assistant under the desk. :)

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Tidies up cable clutter quickly and effectively

 am 3 April 2021

The operating instructions are very thin, but it is quite simple to assemble and operate. I would definitely buy it again.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Does what it should

 am 30 March 2021

Does what it is supposed to do, holds the cables in place. How to rate the transparency is a mystery to me. Only Superman can see through sheet metal. Therefore 3 stars for it. Otherwise, there are no flaws in the workmanship and quality. It can be unhooked in both directions, very good.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Cable tray

 am 28 March 2021

Good quality.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.


 am 21 March 2021

Top part
The attachment under the worktop is actually simple 4 screws good
Folding works great

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.


 am 15 March 2021

Solid and high-quality design. Functionality is fully given. However, it has its price.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Simply really good!

 am 11 March 2021

Super part. Well thought out (e.g. the cable fixings on the outside) and very convincing in terms of quality. The clips for hanging and unhanging are made of plastic, but not at all cheap or in danger of breaking. The whole thing is also super easy to open and close. Simple assembly and a really good look. The volume is completely sufficient if you pay attention to a suitable power strip.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

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