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Homedesk Eco - electric height adjustable desk - Melamine surface

Manufacturer: boho office
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  • 2-year warranty
  • Control unit with USB connections
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy-to-care surface
  • Available in different colours and sizes

Table frame colour:

Desktop size (W x D in cm):

Table top colour:

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Desk combination consisting of:

Homedesk Eco - desk frame
Desk top - melamine coated

Information about the desk frame: Homedesk Eco

A desk that concentrates on the essential

  • Two long-lasting electric motors with a lifting speed of 30 mm per second
  • 1-way lift for good stability
  • Integrated collision protection with highly sensitive gyro sensor, adjustable in three steps
  • Softstart/stop function for slow starting and stopping
  • Control unit with physical touch buttons and integrated USB and USB-C connections for charging mobile devices without an additional power supply unit
  • Practical display sleep function with minimal energy consumption in standby
  • Memory function with 3 memory locations
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Integrated child lock function, sets via an additional button


Tested quality, standards, awards and certificates

  • RoHS/REACH compliant production: no harmful substances in the electric components
  • Tested quality in production thanks to the DIN ISO quality management system
  • Sustainable thinking: the desktop can either be repaired using spare parts or completely recycled



Dimensions and technical specifications

Height adjustability: 68.5 - 117 cm

Width of telescope feature: 90 – 124 cm

Lifting speed: 30 mm/second

Desktop widths: 100 – 160 cm

Desktop depth: 60 – 80 cm

Load-bearing capacity: up to 60 kg including desktop (25 mm thick)

Standby power consumption: 0.1 watt

Noise level in operation: 50 dB



Powder-coated steel



Information on the desk top: melamine resin coated

Pore-proof, scratch-resistant and easy to clean

  • Highly durable
  • Silky matt, noble sheen
  • High scratch resistance
  • Easy-care surface
  • Robust tabletop 19 mm thick

    Table top divided
    110x60 cm: 2 x 110x30 cm
    130x60 cm: 4 x 65x60 cm
    150x60 cm: no division

Note: Tabletops cannot be returned once they have been screwed to a table frame


Tested quality, standards and certificates

  • 100% Made in Germany
  • Rounded edges (according to DGUV 315-410)
  • Desk dimensions and ergonomic dimensions (according to DIN EN 527-1)
  • Melamine resin surfaces (according to DIN 68 681)
  • Chipboard E1 quality


Material- and care guide

Download Material- and Care Guide


Package contents

  • Desk frame
  • Manual memory switch
  • Assembly materials for the assembly of 19 mm desktops
  • Assembly and user instructions
  • Desktop (without pre-drilled holes)

Downloads & Assembly instructions

Assembly Instructions



Advantages of height adjustable desks

Varying your posture while working at a computer reduces the harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle. A sedentary lifestyle can take a toll on your health in the long run, leading to the same ailments as an inactive lifestyle: increased risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other illnesses, due to possible obesity. Our height-adjustable deskframes are the right choice if you want to improve your well-being during work - as well as before and after. A height-adjustable desk also allows you to maintain an ergonomic posture both while standing and sitting. You can prevent physical discomfort in your back and neck as a result. An electric sit-stand desk also helps you adhere to the 60/30/10 rule recommended by various health experts. Under this rule, you spend 60 percent of your time sitting, 30 percent of your time standing and the remaining 10 percent moving.


More furniture from boho office® for home office

Electric deskframes contribute to better posture and more movement compared to traditional desks. This, in turn, leads to better overall health. Would you like to equip your entire home office or office with furniture that allows you to work ergonomically? Then boho office® is the right place for you! We offer the right solutions so that you can sit or stand comfortably while working. Your health will benefit in the long run. But not only an ergonomic posture is important to us. You should also like it. That's why all our ergonomic desks and chairs, as well as all other furniture, have a timeless, modern design. Our office furniture will fit in any office! Buy a new office chair in addition to your new deskframe and combine them with our beautiful and high-quality drawer containers or sliding door cabinets. Browse our extensive range of office furniture and accessories and choose the right items for your workplace.

  • Desk frame: free shipping by parcel service (DE)
  • Desktop 110x60 cm and 130x60 cm: free shipping by parcel service (DE)
  • Desktop: free carrier delivery with telefon notification (only Germany) "free kerbside"
  • Desktop: Made in Rietberg (Germany)
  • 2 years service and guarantee
Customer evaluation for "Homedesk Eco - electric height adjustable desk - Melamine surface"


 am 30 June 2023

The new Eco is a solid table, I like it! and the price is 0 to complain about.

I recommend

Top price

 am 14 February 2023

really good price for this exceptionally good table!

solid desk

 am 4 July 2022

This is a pretty standard desk, but a bit better and more functional than other desks in this category. Here is why I bought this one and what I liked about it: (1) The table top is quite thick (almost 2 cm); (2) The minimum height is 63 cm, which is suitable for small children of school age. Most other tables are higher than this one; (3) elegant design of the remote control module; (4) easy to assemble.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Fast delivery, everything top.

 am 1 July 2022

Everything top.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.


 am 16 June 2022

Quite a great price for such a good table

Stable and well processed

 am 27 May 2022

It was especially important to me that the table remains stable even when extended. It does and the condition is also good. So I can recommend it.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.


 am 19 May 2022

The table looks really smart and the assembly is easy. So far, everything works as described.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Really great table at a good price

 am 3 May 2022

The table was delivered on time and was super easy to assemble (the instructions were good). However, you should have a cordless screwdriver at hand. It's easy to use, looks good and significantly improves my quality of life in the home office. I am very satisfied so far!

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Very good desk to work on

 am 18 April 2022

Fast delivery, quick assembly thanks to good instructions. The parts are quite heavy, which you should bear in mind. But you can expect that with a large desk.
The electronics work perfectly.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.


 am 16 April 2022

I bought this table for my home office and was guided by the extraordinarily good reviews. To say it in advance: I fully agree with the positive reviews.

The frame arrived after three days by DHL, the table top on exactly the same day by a haulage company. The shipping company contacted me the day before and the driver arrived within the specified time. Perfect.

First impression
Heavy, robust frame, neatly finished and an equally solid, neatly finished table top, without a scratch or other defect.

In principle quite simple, as the two lifting columns are completely pre-assembled. However, the assembly instructions are "quite clear". Some people might miss a few hints, e.g. whether and with which drill the tabletop should be pre-drilled, the exact positioning of the frame to the tabletop and the positioning of the three electronic units. You can only see this in a 3D sketch without dimensions. You should also have an M6 tap at hand when assembling. I recut almost all the threads, otherwise you have to use force to screw in the screws, because quite a lot of paint hangs in the threads. For me, however, these were rather "minor details", so I don't want to deduct any points for this, as the other advantages outweigh them.

Commissioning and settings in operation
This is clearly better described than the assembly. The commissioning worked without any problems.

Very good. The two motors work very quietly and very precisely. The table height is shown on a three-digit display. Thanks to the robust individual parts mentioned at the beginning, the table is also very stable.

Of course, I can't say anything about this yet, as I only set up the table yesterday. From today's perspective, I would definitely buy it again.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

High quality

 am 3 April 2022

We are very satisfied. The desk and top look very high quality and robust. The instructions for assembly were a bit rudimentary, but once you've done it, it's clear in retrospect. But otherwise there is nothing to complain about. Recommended purchase.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

I am super excited

 am 12 March 2022

The table is much higher quality than I expected. The assembly was easy and it went quickly. The electrical system works perfectly and the handling is easy and self-explanatory.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Price / performance is right and fast shipping

 am 7 March 2022

First of all, the shipping went smoothly and the mechanics were already with me after 2 days. The table top was delivered by a shipping company. This also went very quickly and smoothly. Assembly was very easy thanks to the video and was done in 15-20 minutes. All screws were present and in the marked bags. The entire table is of very high quality and stable. The rest will show in the long-term test. So far, a clear recommendation to buy.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Super desk

 am 4 March 2022

I thought about it for a long time. But the purchase was 100% worth it. I use it during the day for work and in the evening as a DJ in my home studio. Perfect

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Top quality and super fast delivery

 am 27 February 2022

The assembly took about 45 minutes (with two left hands) and the desk is of super quality. The motors are quiet, the adjustment is infinitely variable and the operating instructions are perfectly understandable.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Very satisfied with the decision

 am 20 February 2022

The table frame makes a very high-quality impression. The matt black lacquer is very clean and the table is stable. Only when the frame is extended does the tabletop, or rather my monitor, wobble slightly on the table - even though the feet are fixed. I don't have a comparison, but I can imagine that this is the case with other frames.
The control element for height adjustment looks more sophisticated than on the product picture.
I ordered the table frame directly from the manufacturer because I was able to use a voucher code. The customer service is also very helpful. When I first tried it out, I could only move the frame up or down a few centimetres before it automatically moved back again. The customer service explained that this was because I had not screwed the control unit firmly to the tabletop. After I did this, everything worked smoothly. However, a corresponding note in the instructions would have been helpful.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Very satisfied

 am 9 February 2022

The desk does what it promises and looks better than expected. I am very satisfied so far.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Height adjustable desk

 am 2 February 2022

I can only recommend this height-adjustable desk. High quality goods. Earlier delivery than stated. The desk is infinitely adjustable so that it is suitable for every size. An ideal solution for me in my home office.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Best decision!

 am 31 January 2022

After months in the home office at a normal desk, I have now treated myself to the home desk from boho furniture. The best decision! A stable table that doesn't wobble even when extended when you use the keyboard normally. The easy-care and really scratch-resistant melamine resin top also looks good. The whole desk looks valuable and fits well in the private home because of the appealing look. The contact with the customer service was very friendly and competent; I had some questions before the purchase and was advised really well and honestly here. The shipment was made in no time at all. The base (approx. 25 kg) arrived by DHL in a relatively handy package, the table top (approx. 23 kg) arrived by freight forwarder shortly afterwards.
Assembly was quick and easy (even for inexperienced craftsmen) and is easy to follow thanks to a YouTube video (for people who don't like reading assembly instructions).
For only a few euros more than at a Swedish furniture store (for the cheapest electrically height-adjustable desk), you get a high-quality, visually appealing, stable desk with memory function (not only up and down buttons) and even automatic raising and lowering function.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

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