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Premium Line – electric height adjustable desk – Melamine surface

Manufacturer: boho office
From 660.00€

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  • 5-year warranty
  • Made in Germany
  • Easy-to-care surface
  • Available in different colours and sizes
  • Table frame tested by TÜV Rheinland

Table frame colour:

Desktop size (W x D in cm):

Table top colour:

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Made in Germany: comfort, safety and dynamics guaranteed

  • Dual long-lasting electric motors with progressive height adjustment of up to 70 mm per second
  • 2-way lift for maximum stability
  • Integrated collision protection with a highly sensitive gyro sensor, two independent auto shut-offs and fast response in the event of an emergency
  • Softstart/stop function for slow starting and stopping
  • Unbeatably quiet in operation at no more than 42 dB
  • Integrated cable management
  • Retractable manual switch with complete operating safety, subtle blue lighting and display with flush mounting option
  • Minimum power consumption in standby
  • Installed at an unbeatable speed - just under 15 minutes
  • Higher performance level in operation


Tested quality, standards, awards and certificates

  • 100% Made in Germany
  • Independently tested by TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH for safety and construction with regular production monitoring
  • 100% CMR-free production (cancerogen mutagen reprotoxic)
  • RoHS/REACH compliant production: no harmful substances in the electric components
  • Certified quality in production thanks to DIN EN ISO environmental, energy and quality management system
  • Sustainable thinking: the desktop can either be repaired using spare parts or recycled
  • Plastic-free packaging with a minimum of 80% waste paper, 100% recyclable



Dimensions and technical information

Height adjustable: 62 – 127 cm

Width of telescope feature: 120, 140, 160 or 180 cm

Lifting speed: up to 70 mm/second

Desktop widths: 120, 140, 160, 180 or 200 cm

Desktop depth: 75 – 80 cm

Load-bearing capacity: up to 100 kg

Standby power consumption: 0.1 watt

Noise level in operation: 42 dB



Powder-coated steel



Information on the desk top: melamine resin coated

Pore-proof, scratch-resistant and easy to clean

  • Highly durable
  • Silky matt, noble sheen
  • High scratch resistance
  • Easy-care surface
  • Robust tabletop 25 mm thick
  • To suit DIY height-adjustable frames, legs and standard lower frames
  • Cable aperture holes at your desired position possible at extra cost, please contact us in advance for this purpose

Note: Tabletops cannot be returned once they have been screwed to a table frame


Tested quality, standards and certificates

  • 100% Made in Germany
  • Rounded edges (according to DGUV 315-410)
  • Desk dimensions and ergonomic dimensions (according to DIN EN 527-1)
  • Melamine resin surfaces (according to DIN 68 681)
  • Chipboard E1 quality


Material- and care guide

Download Material- and Care Guide


Package contents

  • Table frame
  • Standard-Control-Unit (rocker switch) - illuminated
  • Assembly materials for the assembly of 25 mm thick desktops
  • Assembly and user instructions
  • Desktop (without pre-drilled holes)

Downloads & Assembly instructions

Installation and operating instructions



Advantages of height adjustable desks

Varying your posture while working at a computer reduces the harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle. A sedentary lifestyle can take a toll on your health in the long run, leading to the same ailments as an inactive lifestyle: increased risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other illnesses, due to possible obesity. Our height-adjustable deskframes are the right choice if you want to improve your well-being during work - as well as before and after. A height-adjustable desk also allows you to maintain an ergonomic posture both while standing and sitting. You can prevent physical discomfort in your back and neck as a result. An electric sit-stand desk also helps you adhere to the 60/30/10 rule recommended by various health experts. Under this rule, you spend 60 percent of your time sitting, 30 percent of your time standing and the remaining 10 percent moving.


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Electric deskframes contribute to better posture and more movement compared to traditional desks. This, in turn, leads to better overall health. Would you like to equip your entire home office or office with furniture that allows you to work ergonomically? Then boho office® is the right place for you! We offer the right solutions so that you can sit or stand comfortably while working. Your health will benefit in the long run. But not only an ergonomic posture is important to us. You should also like it. That's why all our ergonomic desks and chairs, as well as all other furniture, have a timeless, modern design. Our office furniture will fit in any office! Buy a new office chair in addition to your new deskframe and combine them with our beautiful and high-quality drawer containers or sliding door cabinets. Browse our extensive range of office furniture and accessories and choose the right items for your workplace.

  • Desk frame: free shipping by parcel service (DE)
  • Desk frame: 5 years service and guarantee
  • Desktop: free carrier delivery with telefon notification (only Germany) "free kerbside"
  • Desktop: 3 years service and guarantee / Made in Rietberg (Germany)
Customer evaluation for "Premium Line – electric height adjustable desk – Melamine surface"

The best table on the market!

 am 29 August 2023

The height-adjustable desk of the Premium Line has completely convinced me. The premium quality is noticeable and the quick, quiet adjustability makes it truly outstanding. The shipping was extremely fast. Great support!

Very Very Great!

 am 29 August 2023

The height-adjustable desk from the Premium Line has absolutely convinced me. The quality is really first-class and the quick and quiet adjustability is a real highlight. I was also impressed by the speedy delivery. The price-performance ratio is unbeatable and, in my opinion, this desk is one of the best on the market.

Sceptical at first

 am 26 August 2023

I was very sceptical at first, then I called the support and my worries disappeared into thin air.
To the table:
Wonderful! I like it very much, a beautiful and at the same time high-quality table.

Highly recommended

High quality and chic product

 am 25 August 2023

The apparently somewhat higher price was definitely worth it in my eyes. The frame seems very high quality and solid. The assembly is also well explained!

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

The best

 am 6 August 2023

I have ordered many adjustable tables, but unfortunately I couldn't find anything really sturdy and worth the money.
This table is really the best choice ever.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.


 am 17 June 2023

As a demanding customer, I am completely convinced by the height-adjustable desk from the Premium Line. The excellent quality of workmanship is reflected in every detail. The simple and quiet height adjustment makes working a pleasure.


 am 14 June 2023

Good table that is worthwhile.

Very good home office table for "frequent typists

 am 25 May 2023

I was explicitly looking for an electrically height-adjustable table that wouldn't wobble even when stationary if I typed a lot. In this search, I tried out all possible table frames that are/were available at IKEA in 2023. None of them convinced when extended. Even a little typing caused the tabletop, and thus the monitor, to wobble so much that you almost got seasick.

So I searched online for a long time, read reviews, watched YouTube videos, examined various models more closely and finally decided on the boho office premium in silver. I also wanted a solution in terms of price, which is now in the maximum range of 500€ - 600€. For the tabletop, I got an 80€ tabletop (width 160cm) from IKEA, which is absolutely fine. But everyone has to know and decide for themselves, because the look and the length or thickness and the material also play a role.

What surprised me was the fact that hardly anyone reported on the stability in the extended state or went into more detail about it. But precisely THAT is the most important thing about an extendable table for me :-)

### Stability, the main criterion
One thing is clear: Yes, when the table is extended, i.e. in the standing working position, it wobbles when you jiggle it. The higher, the more. But physically this is not possible any other way. You would probably have to have an even heavier frame and table for this. But I don't think you can expect that in the price range < 500€.

### But how strong is the wobbling?
When I type on the keyboard - I do a lot of programming, so I know what I'm talking about - the monitor does NOT wobble!

If I shake the table firmly - like when I give first aid to a person who is motionless - then the table and the monitor on it shake.

As far as the monitor is concerned, even more stability can be achieved by attaching the monitor to the table with a stable monitor arm. I don't mean the 20€ ones, but a proper one in the 80€+ price segment.

All in all, I rate the stability as really very good! It would be excellent if nothing could be felt even when deliberately knocked. There are absolutely NO problems or annoying side effects when working at a table - as in my case when programming.

### Can I also save and select fixed heights?
No, that is not possible. Some models offer the possibility of setting and saving several height positions, e.g. one position each for standing or sitting work or for me and my partner, etc. This is NOT possible with this frame! This frame does NOT do that! At first this bothered me, but now I actually prefer it because I don't use the same heights every day. Even when sitting, I sometimes have the feeling that I would like it to be a few millimetres higher than usual. It's the same when I'm standing. It's just a little bit dependent on the type of person I am and it might depend on how I feel on the day, I don't know :-) If this bothers you or if you really want to have this, I would recommend you to go for one of the other boho models - e.g. the basic line.

### Ok, what else is there to say?
I am also very impressed by the quick, electric adjustment. It really doesn't take long to move it from the sitting position to the standing position. I would say it takes about 5-6 seconds. That is absolutely bearable.

I think it's great that you can also adjust the length of the frame, depending on which tabletop you have. So if you need more space later on, you can simply buy a larger tabletop and the frame grows with you. I think that's great!

The motor noise is there, of course, so it's not whisper-quiet. It's about as loud as my cordless screwdriver (Bosch, brushless) and can therefore be used at night.

### What didn't you like?
What I didn't like so much was the assembly instructions. They were a bit confusing in places and not that clear. We managed, but it was a bit annoying.

I also find it a bit strange to have to use the supplied cardboard box as a cable holder. It's not a killer criterion, because stability was more important to me, but I find that a bit strange.

I find the price for the accessories, PC holder, drawer, cable channels from boho office absolutely overpriced and excessive! Here I have resorted to third-party suppliers and my own designs. Example: Cable duct from boho office currently at 41€ or 48€ (depending on length), you can get an adequate replica from 15-20€, but then of course it is only conditionally compatible. But everyone has to know for themselves.

All in all, I still give it "only" 4 stars. Why is that?

The main criteria for me were that it had to be a stable table frame that did not wobble when standing and that it had to be priced around 500€. This was fulfilled.

+ Stability is absolutely given! That really convinced me!
+ Price/performance absolutely fair compared to other models.
+ Compatibility: I can choose my tabletop myself and am not tied down.
+ Grows with me: I can choose between 120 - 200cm
+ Speed of adjustment

Nevertheless, there are a few points that bother me and which I would not want to leave unevaluated:

- Assembly instructions & the cardboard box as a cable holder are not OK in this price range.
- No possibility to save different positions
- Price for compatible accessories (also table tops) very high & exaggerated

### Conclusion
If you are looking for a stable table frame for standing work that hardly wobbles noticeably, is attractively priced at around 500€ and does not come with any memory positions, this is certainly absolutely the right choice!

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

boho office table

 am 10 May 2023

My new height-adjustable desk from the Premium Line is an investment that has really paid off. Really great quality

Totally thrilled!

 am 18 April 2023

Thank you boho for this great table. Price totally appropriate and quality can't be beat. I am really satisfied!

Fully satisfied, got solid, stable desk

 am 1 March 2023

I deliberately chose the Premium Line because I liked the switch. This has been confirmed in practice. Just hold it and set it to the height you want. The motors are fast and have a pleasantly quiet sound.
If you want fixed programmed heights, you need a motor with a display.
I am convinced of the stability. My old frame, a Deskfit, caused the coffee to sway when extended and also gave way a bit when leaning against it. That doesn't happen here. With the same tabletop and configuration. Everything is stable and solid.
The frame has to support a solid wood top of 2.5 cm and a monitor with holder.
Smooth assembly with the instructions or YT video. The plastic-free packaging is well thought out.
Actually thrilled all around.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

premium quality

 am 9 February 2023

A very beautiful, super nice and perfect. A clear recommendation to buy!

boho office surprised me

 am 24 January 2023

I am thrilled with the premium quality of this desk. The smooth and quiet height adjustment makes working a real pleasure. The fast shipping surprised me positively and the price-performance ratio is really unbeatable.

Very good quality

 am 7 January 2023

Fast delivery

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Very good, solid and high quality.

 am 28 November 2022

Great solid product! Very variable in width. Quiet motors with good start-up and brakes.

Only for the assembly you should not have two left hands. The mm specification for the pilot hole is too large in my view. And who has a torque spanner at hand?
But it also works without.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Runs 1A

 am 22 November 2022

I had the carpenter make me a tabletop according to my own specifications and then screwed it to the boho office. My top measured 200x70x3 cm. The cable ducts, also from boho, had 57 and 107 cm.

Everything works perfectly, I would never want to do without a height-adjustable table again!

Thanks to the matching cable trays, I am now finally free of cable clutter.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Super great table frames I can recommend

 am 17 November 2022

Claps without a hitch, the motor is quiet, customer service is simply top notch.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Great and convincing quality

 am 9 November 2022

I bought the table system in 2019 and am still thrilled. Top workmanship and very quiet and reliable operation. A clear recommendation for Made im Schwarzwals, which was an important decision criterion. The monateg was also very easy.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Super frame !

 am 9 October 2022

After an initial delay in delivery (super nice contact with Boho Support), the delivery was reliable.
The assembly was very easy (you just have to make sure that NO screws are sunk into the plate in the area of the feet - otherwise the feet won't snap in!)
There are very detailed printed instructions as well as links to an assembly video and additional information material - very well done.
I found it very positive that all the packaging material was made of recycled paper including a "sustainable cable cover" ;-)
The running of the motors is very quiet. The motors start slowly for the first second and then speed up.
Of course, the table wobbles a bit when the table columns are fully extended - how realistic this is, everyone has to judge for themselves. In the normal sitting and standing position, it is possible to work comfortably without wobbling.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.


 am 14 July 2022

Great table

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