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  • 5-year warranty
  • Maximum stability
  • Height adjustment 80 mm/sec
  • available in 3 colours
  • Tested by TÜV Süd


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The boho office® bestseller Basic Line (deskframe height adjustable)with all basic functions allows flexible as well as stable work even in the maximum extended state. Tasks can be done alternately sitting or standing: Work more productively and feel comfortable doing so. Thanks to the extended adjustment range, the deskframe is ideal for very tall or very short people and helps to achieve an ergonomically correct posture – the frame is adjusted at a lightning-fast 80 mm per second. The high dead weight of approx. 36 kg stabilizes the powder-coated metal frame, minimizes vibrations during adjustment and guarantees daily use for many years.

Timeless design meets electric height adjustment: Basic Line is a height-adjustable deskframe, designed to make working while standing part of your day. Look forward to an ergonomic sitting and standing experience with this ergonomic desk frame.

Basic Line is safety tested by TÜV Süd and is available in three colors. The powerful motors ensure a quick up and down. This motorized desk with memory function can be configured individually: Choose the right color, the material of the desktop and the matching accessories. Your health will thank you.


Best price-performance ratio

  • Dual long-lasting electric motors with progressive height adjustment of 80 mm per second
  • 2-way lift for maximum stability
  • Integrated collision protection with highly sensitive gyro sensor, in 3 steps
  • Softstart/stop function for slow starting and stopping
  • Manual switch with sensitive touch buttons
  • Practical display sleep function with minimal energy consumption in standby
  • Memory function with 3 memory locations
  • Child lock function integrated
  • Quick and easy installation


Tested quality, standards, awards and certificates

  • Independently tested by TÜV Süd Product Service for construction with regular production monitoring
  • RoHS/REACH compliant production: no harmful substances in the electric components
  • Tested quality in production thanks to DIN ISO quality management system
  • Global Green Tag Label: Level C Certified Sustainable Product
  • Sustainable thinking: The desktop can either be repaired using spare parts or, alternatively, completely recycled
  • Plastic-free packaging with a minimum of 80% waste paper, 100% recyclable



Dimensions and technical information

Height adjustable: 61 – 126 cm

Width of telescope feature: 116 – 180 cm

Lifting speed: 80 mm/second

Recommended desktop width: 120 – 200 cm

Recommended desktop depth: 75 – 80 cm

Max. lifting weight: up to 80 kg (incl. desktop)

Standby power consumption: 0.1 watt

Noise level in operation: ≤55 dB



Powder-coated steel


Package contents

  • Desk frame
  • Manual memory switch
  • Assembly materials for the assembly of 25 mm thick tabletops
  • Assembly and user instructions

Downloads & Assembly instructions

Assembly Instructions

TÜV certificate

Assembly video Basic Line

View Tips & Tricks for setup



Advantages of height adjustable desks

Varying your posture while working at a computer reduces the harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle. A sedentary lifestyle can take a toll on your health in the long run, leading to the same ailments as an inactive lifestyle: increased risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other illnesses, due to possible obesity. Our height-adjustable deskframes are the right choice if you want to improve your well-being during work – as well as before and after. A height-adjustable desk also allows you to maintain an ergonomic posture both while standing and sitting. You can prevent physical discomfort in your back and neck as a result. An electric sit-stand desk also helps you adhere to the 60/30/10 rule recommended by various health experts. Under this rule, you spend 60 percent of your time sitting, 30 percent of your time standing and the remaining 10 percent moving.


More furniture from boho office® for home office

Electric deskframes contribute to better posture and more movement compared to traditional desks. This, in turn, leads to better overall health. Would you like to equip your entire home office or office with furniture that allows you to work ergonomically? Then boho office® is the right place for you! We offer the right solutions so that you can sit or stand comfortably while working. Your health will benefit in the long run. But not only an ergonomic posture is important to us. You should also like it. That's why all our ergonomic desks and chairs, as well as all other furniture, have a timeless, modern design. Our office furniture will fit in any office! Buy a new office chair in addition to your new deskframe and combine them with our beautiful and high-quality drawer containers or sliding door cabinets. Browse our extensive range of office furniture and accessories and choose the right items for your workplace.

  • Table frame: Free shipping by parcel service (DE)
  • Tabletop (not included in the delivery): Free shipping with forwarding agent with delivery notification (DE) to roadside
  • 5 years ' service and guarantee
Customer evaluation for "Basic Line"

Highspeed desk ! :)

 am 4 December 2023

Excellent table frame! The delivery was super fast and the product meets my expectations exactly. Assembly was child's play and I'm impressed by the stability of the table frame. A clear recommendation for anyone looking for a quick and solid table!


 am 30 October 2023

Decent material strength, quite different from the usual Chinese stuff. Very heavy-duty design, no skimping on steel here. Motors run quickly and quietly. Collision detection reacts very quickly.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

After 2 years: Everything is great!

 am 23 September 2023

I'll keep it short, enough has already been said.
I don't see anything negative, the table is very stable, not difficult to assemble and, above all, everything has simply worked as it should every day for 2 years. Where else can you really see that with technology today?

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Very stylish desk frame / tip for IKEA Bekant desk top

 am 11 September 2023

What I like is the stability, especially when extended, so it's also recommended for people over 1.90 metres. I also really like the stylish panel for adjusting the height, which was one of the criteria for buying this desk, along with the great reviews. The detailed instructions and the way the required accessories were packaged helped a lot during assembly.

I had bought the IKEA Bekant desk top (thickness: 16mm) for the desk. Fortunately, I realised during assembly that the screws supplied (5x20mm) were too long. I then bought 4x16mm screws for the outer arms at the DIY store, which now hold the top securely in place. Unfortunately, the holes in the centre frame of the desk frame are too large, which is why only screws with a head diameter of at least 5mm will hold there.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Solid table frame

 am 30 August 2023

Have recently started using the Boho with a 170x80 solid wood top. There are 3 monitors attached to the table with a monitor holder.
Nothing wobbles, not even when moving up and down. The materials also gave me a good impression during assembly.
I was surprised how fast the motor is. I was expecting a granny with a walker instead of an e-scooter.
What I would call a "maybe shortcoming" so far is that you still have to keep the button pressed for the saved height adjustment. For me, that's not worth deducting a star, but some others might attach more importance to it.
Of course, I can't say anything about long-term use, but so far I'm very satisfied.

Source: Amazon

Basic Line table frame

 am 14 June 2023

Normally I don't write a review, but since the frame convinced me in all points, I'll do it here. For 4 days of home office per week, I was looking for a usable stand that is electrically height-adjustable and with this model I was definitely not disappointed.

There is absolutely nothing to complain about. As soon as you open the packaging, you notice that the whole thing looks very high quality. Thumbs up for that. The assembly is absolutely easy and, thanks to the instructions provided, can also be done by non-professionals without any problems. The frame is very stable, even when extended nothing wobbles. I use the whole thing with a 180x80 plate and a standing height of 122cm. The adjustment runs cleanly, quickly and comparatively quietly. The settings are easy to make and the anti-trap protection is also positive in function. The frame has 2 adjustable feet per leg, so that the table can be aligned really straight on any floor.

I therefore give it 5* and a clear recommendation to buy.

Source:Amazon,automatically translated.

boho office High quality Top

 am 27 May 2023

I purchased the electric infinitely height-adjustable desk with 2 motors over a year ago in November 2021 and have been completely thrilled ever since. This product deserves an exceptionally positive rating because of its many outstanding advantages.

The assembly was simple and uncomplicated, which meant that I was able to enjoy this desk very quickly. The quality is unsurpassed, which is evident in both the workmanship and the choice of materials used. The price-performance ratio is definitely justified, because the quality offered fully justifies the investment.

What impresses me most is the extreme stability of this desk. Whether I set it to the lowest or highest height setting, it remains absolutely firm and secure. This is especially important to be able to do my work efficiently.

The memory function is a real blessing. With the ability to store four positions, I can easily switch between my preferred height settings without having to readjust each time. The touch screen for operation is intuitive and easy to use, so I can effortlessly adjust the desk to the desired height.

Another notable advantage is the collision protection. Should a collision occur, the desk stops automatically to prevent injury or damage. This safety feature gives me peace of mind, especially in a hectic work environment.

All in all, I can say with full conviction that this infinitely height-adjustable desk with 2 motors offers top quality. After more than a year of intensive use, it shows no signs of wear or deterioration in quality. I can highly recommend this desk, especially for those looking for a reliable, functional and durable desk.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.


 am 20 May 2023

The table top goes up and down quickly and is nice and stable. The price is also reasonable.

Quick assembly, sturdy table

 am 18 May 2023

The frame is generally of very good quality. Can be raised quickly and easily. The connected remote control allows three memory functions. Unfortunately, you have to hold it down until a certain memorised height is reached. Nevertheless, a great frame!

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Very good!

 am 3 May 2023

The slightly higher price is definitely worth it.
I find the workmanship and general quality of the components to be very good. Assembly was simple and the instructions very clear.
I fitted an 80 x 200 x 2.6 oak worktop.
The desk is very stable and moves up and down quickly and quietly. Even in the highest position, the desk is very stable and hardly wobbles.

The service from "boho office" also seems to be very good. I had a small problem which I reported by e-mail. I was called immediately the next working day.

I would recommend the rack to anyone.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

In use for almost 2 years, absolutely top

 am 27 April 2023

I have been using it for 2 years now and am still satisfied. The frame is absolutely stable (even when raised) and the controls and mechanics are still as expected.

The only thing that bothers me a tiny bit is the volume when you raise and lower it. If someone else is sleeping in the same room and you raise/lower the table, it would definitely wake the other person up. It's not super loud, but it's not quiet either. However, I don't have a comparative value because this is my only electric table frame so far.

Nevertheless, I can absolutely recommend the BOHO Basic Line table frame itself!

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

It's worth it!

 am 8 March 2023

- Top quality.
- Fast delivery (next day).
- Easy assembly.
- Does exactly what it should.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.


 am 7 March 2023

Just installed today.

This thing will change my life for sure (it goes to 127cm high, without the table)

seems strong, easy to set up and configure. at the highest position it stays stable !!!

Absolutely recommendable

 am 5 March 2023

I bought the desk frame about 2 years ago and have been using it regularly ever since. And I'm still absolutely delighted with it. The frame is very robust and the motors work very quietly, which is very important to me. It also looks very high quality. I can therefore only recommend the frame.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Quality ! :)

 am 14 February 2023

The quality and customer service was good here at Amazon and also at BOHO. I contacted Boho and wanted to ask where I could order additional cable holders. 1-2 days later the customer service called me to ask exactly which clip I meant. They explained briefly and additional clips were then sent by post.

So: impressive service.

About the table: Quality is there. I am at peace.
Have nothing to criticise.

Period of ownership: 6 months.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Expectations exceeded

 am 25 January 2023

This desk has far exceeded my expectations. I also bought the "boho office® desk top - 160 x 80 x 2.5 cm in black with multiplex real wood edge". Together a very beautiful design and incredibly stable!
In addition, the service was fantastic: the control unit had a small fault. Email to Boho Office. After a few hours I received a reply that a new control unit was on its way to me.
I have already recommended the table to my friends.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Stability on point!

 am 15 December 2022

For all those who value stability when extended, this is exactly the right desk!...And at a fair price!

Long search and fortunately found.

- Very compact packaging.
- Very easy to assemble thanks to the instructions in good German and the labelling of the screws. You can't make any mistakes here.
- Very surprised by the speed! Wasn't a criterion for me at the beginning but wouldn't want to be without it!

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Worth the money!

 am 8 December 2022

I spent a long time thinking about which table I would like to buy. The price range is relatively wide. Height-adjustable tables range from €300 to four figures. I didn't want an electric one at first, but then I was convinced by how quickly this frame moves up and down, namely a whole 8cm/sec! Twice as fast as other models. I was convinced. I then ordered the frame in black together with a table top from boho and got a little discount on top. You should definitely check how much the frame weighs, it's quite heavy and you definitely need 4 hands to assemble it. But the weight makes all the difference here too, nothing wobbles! The table is super high quality and the oak table top is really beautiful, so I'm more than happy to have chosen it. I will certainly never need to buy a new desk again, it will last a lifetime! I'm not so sure about the electronics, but they are definitely replaceable and were quite easy to install. The only really small drawback I noticed is that there is no cover for the electronics under the desk, you can arrange the cables neatly so that nothing hangs down, but as my desk is at the top of my gallery, I can see it from underneath, so I would like it if you could look at a suitable cover instead of the cables, but who looks under the desk! No points deducted for that. The 3 memory slots and the childproof lock are also great. All in all a top product!!!

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Stable, reliable + perfect and fast service

 am 14 November 2022

The frame is solid and works as expected. After we had already used the feet in the office, I also got myself a set privately. I can only recommend them.
Another big plus for the service. I have never received an answer and help so quickly anywhere else.

Competent advice, very good price/performance ratio

 am 31 August 2022

Very good advice over the phone on choosing a height-adjustable desk. A wood sample was sent to me to help me make a decision. Everything was immediate and direct, as was the delivery of the order. The assembly was easy and quick with the enclosed instructions. Top service and top desk. I give it 10 points in every area.

Simply fantastic - from the table itself to the customer service

 am 1 February 2022

The table frame is very well made and makes a very high-quality impression. Assembly was very easy and very well explained. Table top I had to order elsewhere, would recommend at least 3cm thickness for a size of more than 180cm (at the time of my order such table tops were not available).

Motor itself works great: quiet and reliable.

Customer service deserves nothing but praise! My own mistake (entering my old address) was corrected immediately, the shipping costs were paid (although I offered to pay at least part of it). Such a service is a rarity in Germany! This company has won a customer for life! Keep it up!

TOP desk and very stable

 am 16 January 2022

Great advice, fast delivery (48 hours), set up in 1 hour, old tabletop on top and ready! Great, quiet and very stable, nothing rocks (stands on carpet) with notebook and 24" screen plus accessories. Price-performance ratio is perfect and looks great.

Great product - great customer service!

 am 17 August 2021

I have been using the Basic model for about 1 year and am completely satisfied with it.
If there are any questions, the customer service reacts immediately and helps.
That's how it should be!

Everything top!

 am 5 August 2021

I ordered my desk (160x80) just before the weekend, both parts (top arrived by freight forwarder, frame by DHL) were already there on Wednesday and I could start assembling it. The assembly was okay, it is definitely recommended for two people, but it's not witchcraft.
I'm absolutely happy with the desk now; as far as I can tell, it's of high quality and nothing wobbles or seems unsafe.
I particularly like the fact that I can save my preferred desk heights directly, which makes working in the home office so much easier.
So, all in all, everything went very well.

Super frame with slight flaws in the B grade

 am 10 July 2021

This frame is absolutely worth the price. I have a 220 cm x 110 cm laminated beech board on it (extension set also ordered), which alone weighs over 50 kg. Even with monitors and various odds and ends on the table, everything is very stable and the motors have no problem with it. If you save 100€ here and take a cheaper frame from the competition, you are saving at the wrong end.
Tip for assembly: The cables can be laid better with a good adhesive tape than with the cable guides supplied. Assembly can also be done by one person if you are a little careful with the frame.

I am completely satisfied with the end result, but I have a few minor comments.
1) Why no Torx screws? Despite pre-drilling, it is no fun to force the larger screws into the wood of the tabletop thanks to the cross recess.
2) Quality of the smaller screws. E.g. the screws for the control panel broke immediately during assembly because they couldn't withstand the torque. Pre-drilling might have helped, but that shouldn't really be necessary with such small screws.
3) Quality assurance. One part of the extension arrived without a thread. Was of course replaced directly by support, but delayed the assembly unnecessarily.
4) Instructions. Fortunately, the assembly is mostly self-explanatory. But why, for example, are parts stamped with "A" and "B" only to appear in the instructions as "3" and "2"? That would certainly be clearer.

These are all small things, I would buy this frame again at any time and recommend it to others.

Beautiful thing!

 am 19 June 2021

To make my previous 160x80cm desk fit for working in a home office, I ordered a Basic-Line table frame (white) 3 days ago.

The frame was delivered in the form of two well-packed 17kg boxes just 2 days after my order.

The scope of delivery was complete, although some screws specified in the assembly instructions had been replaced by others for understandable reasons and an additional 12 decorative caps for corresponding screw openings were enclosed.

Due to the weight of the table frame and the table top, carrying out the conversion is recommended for two people for good reasons. However, by applying the laws of leverage, it is also possible for one person to carry out the conversion. In my case, the situation was complicated by the fact that I wanted to keep the surrounding steel frame of my previous tabletop for reasons of stability and aesthetics, and that I also wanted to install a computer holder at the same time.

When assembling the tabletop, I skipped step 1 and placed the inverted tabletop on the floor. Then I carried out steps 2-7 plus mounting the computer holder and a switchable multiple socket on the upside-down tabletop. In this context, it is highly recommended to pre-drill holes in the tabletop for all larger screws. Otherwise, it is not possible to turn the screws into the tabletop on high-quality chipboards. The last thing I did was to assemble the two feet according to step 1.

After that, I placed the fully assembled table on its rear long side (so that no pressure is exerted on the hand control) and step by step placed several boards under the rear edge of the table top until the rear edge was raised 20cm above the floor, held by the boards. Then I put the table on its feet with muscle power and lifted it piece by piece into its final position.

Preparing my existing desk and setting up the table frame as described above in the current heatwave (approx. 30°C room temperature) took about 3 hours.

The desk works perfectly and is very stable when loaded with various devices (monitor, scanner, light, etc.) and raised to a working height of 115 cm.

All in all, a beautiful thing!

Super desk! Super service! Worth the money!

 am 28 May 2021

The delivery was very fast.

The frame is very well made and easy to assemble.

With the tabletop (solid beech wood 2.8 cm), two monitors with brackets, two studio speakers, desk lamp and notebook, I weigh just under 50 kg.
No problem for the quiet and powerful motors!

In the uppermost position, the table only wobbles minimally!

The stabilisation set provides an additional six points for connecting the frame to the tabletop and is highly recommended!
It was delivered to me in black to match the frame. (The website says this set is only available in silver).

The control unit offers everything you need!
It is simple, easy to use and matches the frame and tabletop perfectly.

Super service! My question about the collision protection was answered within an hour!

I can recommend the frame to everyone!

Worth every penny

 am 2 March 2021

I am more than satisfied with both the delivery quality, product quality and the control. I assembled the table on my own and the good quality made it very easy. It works flawlessly.

BASIC LINE - Highly recommended!!!

 am 17 February 2021

Desk frame Basic Line
Fast delivery time, very good quality, no problem assembling even without a second person, queries to support were answered competently, would definitely recommend product to others.

Great price/performance ratio - very stable - TOP!!!

 am 17 December 2020

I ordered the Basic Line table frame and after 48 hours 2 packages arrived. Everything was packed very neatly.
The desk is very stable, even when I move it all the way up. The motor is pleasantly quiet.
I am absolutely thrilled, it makes home office more fun again and my back is happy too!
Brilliant price/performance ratio, absolutely recommended!
I rarely write reviews, but this product really deserves it.

Flawless, fast and stable

 am 15 November 2020

- After ordering, the frame was packed in two packages and arrived the next working day. In total after approx. 30 hours. Top!
- Assembly is a bit time-consuming, but easily doable. Instructions could be clearer, especially the illustrations
- The frame is very stable, nothing wobbles.
- Control is easy and with a little trick you don't have to hold down the memory buttons to move to the corresponding position ;)
- not to forget: Great customer service on the phone!

Unique price-performance ratio

 am 31 October 2020

I was sceptical at first. In some tests, the frame appears in the top ranks next to models that are much more expensive. But fortunately I decided to give it a try.
What can I say, the assembly was really easy and didn't take long.
The operation is simple, fast and quiet. The most important thing for me is that there is no impression of instability in either the low or the high position. In the upper position, you don't get the feeling that the desk is wobbly. The special feet and the stand tubes are really heavy and solid; all in all, you can believe the very positive test results you find without any problems.
I am glad to have ordered the cable tray directly, it makes life much easier.

Great desk - top service.

 am 16 August 2020

I have been using the desk for about a week and I am totally thrilled. Very well made, looks high quality and the service is excellent. 100% recommendation - I'd love to come back!

unfortunately only ordered now

 am 16 July 2020

1. product
Very stable, easy to assemble, very quiet and powerful motors.
Operation is intuitive. The look is appealingly sober. I like it very much.
Heavy metal keyboard, mouse, 15" laptop, 32" and 28" monitors, desk lamp, documents and speakers. 2.5cm thick real hardwood top.
No problem for the motors :-)

2nd delivery
Within 48h the two packages arrived.

3. price
No bargain, but very good for the quality delivered :-)

4. service
As mentioned above, fast delivery.
Because of the good assembly instructions and quality, I did not need to make use of further service and therefore cannot say anything about further support. But the offer of telephone support alone was enough to persuade me to buy this product.

Absolutely recommendable.
I'm only annoyed that I didn't order the frame earlier and that I've been working with simple table legs so far, which didn't give the table the stability it has with this frame.


 am 18 June 2020

Top quality. Really nice heavy metal legs and connectors. The motors are quiet and powerful.
In addition, the telephone support from is top class.
I would buy the frame again immediately!


 am 9 April 2020

40 hours after ordering, 2 packages arrived. Assembly also possible alone. The table was up and running after about 1 hour. Quiet, stable, just like in the office. I am thrilled

Super price performance

 am 25 March 2020

I like it very much. What you get for the price is really top!

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