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  • 5-year warranty
  • App control by Bluetooth
  • Height adjustment 80 mm/sec
  • available in 3 colours
  • Tested by TÜV Rheinland


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Innovative, safe and durable: this is how Easydesk - our height-adjustable deskframe - conquers home offices as well as offices and sympathetically acknowledges its Danish roots. The tidy, straightforward design of the frame is enhanced with contemporary and ergonomic functions: Smart app control that encourages users to stand more during the day, an intuitive control unit with low power consumption, and built-in collision protection that safely stops the motor when resistance is encountered, whether the table hits hard or soft obstacles. Complementing this, the total of four favorite positions offer the option of "desk sharing" with two people, in addition to their simple functionality. Finally, the foolproof assembly with practical Kick & ClickTM connections is impressive. All in all, our Easydesk is convincing: an electrically height-adjustable deskframe with a height adjustment of 80 mm per second, two dual motors and sensible innovations to increase productivity and concentration.

Our ergonomic Easydesk product is available in three colors. It has been tested for safety by TÜV Rheinland, making it a very good choice with its powerful motors. The simple app control distinguishes the motor desk with memory function. Look forward to an ergonomic desk and back-friendly work!


Danish design: great style, understated, soft and pleasant

  • Dual long-lasting electric motors with progressive height adjustment of 80 mm per second
  • 2-way lift for maximum stability
  • PiezoTM collision protection with a highly sensitive gyro sensor integrated in the column
  • Softstart/stop function for slow starting and stopping
  • Smooth-running desktop maximum 39 dB
  • Intuitive manual switch with optical stand/sit reminder function and Bluetooth connection
  • App control with personal table usage statistics
  • Minimum power consumption in standby
  • Memory function with 4 memory locations
  • Express assembly as easy as ABC


Tested quality, standards, awards, certificates and sustainability

  • 100% Made in Denmark
  • Independently tested by TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH for safety and construction with regular production monitoring
  • RoHS/REACH compliant production: no harmful substances in the electric components
  • PVC-free product (cable, control unit and operating panel, lifting column and linear drives)
  • Made without any chemical substances that could be a risk to human health or the environment (EU POP Regulation)
  • Certified quality in production thanks to DIN ISO environmental and quality management system
  • Sustainable thinking: the Easydesk is made partly from recycled materials. The desktop can either be repaired using spare parts or recycled.
  • The manual switch has been awarded the "winner" reddot design award



Dimensions and technical information

Height adjustable: 59 – 126 cm

Width of telescope feature: 134 – 194 cm

Lifting speed: 80 mm/second

Desktop widths: 140 – 200 cm

Desktop depth: 75 – 80 cm

Load-bearing capacity: up to 100 kg

Standby power consumption: 0.1 watt

Noise level in operation: 39 dB



Powder-coated steel


Package contents

  • Table frame
  • Manual memory switch
  • Assembly materials for the assembly of 25 mm thick desktops
  • Assembly and user instructions

Downloads & Assembly instructions

Assembly Instructions

Assembly video Easydesk



Electric sit & stand table: all the advantages

An electric standing table with desktop is just what you need if you want to adopt different postures throughout the day. With such a table, you can work comfortably - both sitting and standing. Regularly alternating between sitting and standing, as well as standing for longer periods of time, can help you reduce the effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Especially for those who have an office job and don't get to exercise, benefit from a convenient height-adjustable desk. Regular exercise improves circulation, concentration and energy levels. If you want to balance out the constant sitting, our height adjustable deskframes are the right choice for you.

An electric sit & stand table improves your physical and mental well-being at work. This table is also recommended by health experts to comply with the well-known 60/30/10 rule. The rule recommends spending 60 percent of your time sitting, 30 percent of your time standing and the remaining 10 percent of your time moving. If your deskframe is height-adjustable, you can maintain an ergonomic posture at all times - standing and sitting. A constant change of body position has a preventive effect and you avoid suffering from fatigue, back or neck pain.


Combine the Easydesk with other furniture from boho office®

When you use the Easydesk deskframe, you can easily combine it with other furniture from boho office®. For example, choose a matching ergonomic chair to create a home office setup.

However, in our assortment we offer not only various deskframes, desktops and ergonomic office chairs, but also shelves, sideboards and several accessories. All our furniture is high quality and durable and meets the requirements of a modern workplace.

We pay great attention to the design of our furniture: by combining our office furniture, you will create a beautiful and ergonomic working environment. Give your office or study a professional and visually appealing look with a uniform design, while increasing your productivity and efficiency.

Take a look around our online store and discover our range of furniture and accessories.

  • Table frame: free shipping by parcel service (DE)
  • Desktop (not included in the delivery): free shipping with forwarding agent with delivery notification (DE) to roadside
  • 5 years' service and warranty
Customer evaluation for "Easydesk"

Great desk

 am 8 November 2023

When the pandemic started, I had to set up my home office at home. The desk is not only adjustable in height, but also in width. These were important reasons for me to choose the Boho desk. I bought various accessories for the desk from Boho and am more than happy with my purchase.

The assembly was very easy. It was also easy to attach the accessories I bought. The electronics have also never been a problem. I use the desk almost every day for work. I can highly recommend the desk.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Use the frame

 am 4 March 2023

in the home office. The frame seems robust. The travel speed is great and brakes into the stored positions.
I would buy the frame again.

Source: Amazon automatically translated.

Buy recommendation

 am 21 February 2023

It has been doing its job in the home office for some time now.
Was easy to assemble
I would buy the frame again

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Super frame

 am 15 August 2022

I have installed two of these frames under a real wood oak top with the dimensions 2000x800x20. The table swings a little more in the extended position, but this is not a problem for me.
The frame can be loaded without any problems and the height adjustment works perfectly.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Easy to assemble, stable and easy to handle. Super customer service!

 am 8 October 2021

We ordered two table frames on recommendation and combined them with table tops from the DIY store. The tables were set up very quickly. Since Boho unfortunately does not offer a white cable tray, we bought the "EISNHAUER cable tray white in 1100mm" as well, which fits perfectly in style and colour. The table was set up quickly and is stable. Setting up the table height is also very easy on the control panel or the app.

The only drawback: every time the power cable was plugged in, the control panel beeped / beeped annoyingly until it was operated or plugged in again. This was somehow related to the reminder function, but was simply a mistake. Upon request, the customer service immediately sent us two new control units. Thank you very much! We would buy again.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

In the price range, top

 am 12 April 2021

I ordered the desk directly from Boho Office because there was an Easter promotion, i.e. cable tray for €47 was included. The assembly was easier than expected, because 1. all screws were included, although I ordered without a desk top and 2. the description is in German and there is also an assembly video on YouTube from the supplier and other Youtubers. After the "frame" was aligned and fastened, attaching the feet and the remote control was done quickly and without any problems.

The integration of the control via app worked immediately with the iPhone, with the Android mobile phone I had to uninstall the app and then reinstall it, after which the table was recognised immediately. After enabling the automatic approach of the respective positions in the app, it worked both via the app and with the control panel in all offered variants (2x buttons, hold long, etc.) I also hear a high-frequency beep very quietly when the orage red light is on, but it is not disturbing. The control panel also automatically switches to sleep mode and then no longer lights up.

Stability: When extended, just as stable as my e-desk in the office. Note, without a cross brace, such a desk is of course more unstable laterally than with a cross brace and apside down legs are still somewhat more stable. I work a lot standing up and am not afraid that the IMAC 27", the A4 multifunction printer, the NAS station etc.... falling down. I move the mouse and keyboard a lot, print a lot but nothing wobbles.

It is quiet and moves quickly. I am very satisfied. The drive is from Linak (what more could you want), the dynamic load is 120kg (tested with 160kg), and the assembly is easy. Plus 5 years full warranty... who is still thinking now?

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Exactly what I had imagined

 am 18 March 2021

I spent some time deciding which would be the right option for me and I am 110% happy with the desk. I ended up paying a bit more of what I would have spent on a similar desk from Ikea but I have full flexibility!
Why I chose it:
- the width can be changed: at the moment I have a certain available space where I work but that could change and if I need it I can get a new top with the necessary size.
- I can choose the board I like and which fits best in size.
- it goes so low that my children could also use the desk
- the 5 year guarantee

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

good part

 am 10 March 2021

however, only 1 package arrived and only the second the next day. Very good workmanship and easy assembly. very satisfied.

A very good table at a very fair price

 am 28 February 2021

The frame arrived 5 days earlier than expected, respect.
I was excited to start assembling it, even though the tabletop has not yet been delivered (it was ordered later, but will probably arrive in 1-2 working days).
The components were packed super efficiently, every single part looks very high quality.
Thanks to the click assembly, the frame was assembled within 5 minutes, only the "baseboards" were fastened with 4 screws each and the height-adjustable compensating screws at the foot ends are of course also screwable. Otherwise, everything clicks into place and is really very stable.
Setting up the app and pairing via Bluetooth was very easy.
The assembly instructions are very good, the details in the drawings perhaps a little small.
The motor whirrs quietly and contentedly, I find the noise development very low and really good.
The motor reacts quickly and evenly, I don't have the impression that it struggles.
Now I'm waiting for the tabletop to arrive so I can take the table into daily use (home office). I will report further.

A little bonus: using an alternative app (from a third-party manufacturer), you can even control the table by voice via Siri

Prima Tisch und super Service!

 am 19 January 2021

I'm writing in English as there's a sufficient quantity of German reviews by now already and obviously some people from abroad are buying from boho also.

I'm happily using the Easydesk Line since 6 month, actually even more happy now than the first day :-) Boho is caring for me still. I've had issues unlocking the control unit for moving w/o holding the control unit up / down. Boho replaced the unit without hassles. THANK YOU!

Having the desk moving from seating to standing position automatically now is great! Even besides that operating the desk is as simple as it can be: the entire control unit is working as on big key, push to lift and press to lower.

Once unlocked (via Bluetooth phone + app), the desk will move automatically between user defined positions by double pushing / pressing the control unit.

A protection mechanism is comparing both table legs' heights while moving. As soon as a difference between the legs is detected, the desk is stopped immediately as most likely it got blocked by something. This is working reliably both upwards and downwards.

At seating height the table is standing rock solid as any regular desk. And even extended fully (measuring 124cm to table board's lower side) it's standing stable well.

I can recommend buying the Easydesk Line from boho without hesitating a second!

Top product

 am 10 January 2021

Delivery came in three days, assembly was intuitive in an hour with a folding rule, pencil, cordless screwdriver and Allen key. This is the second frame I have ordered. The first was the Basic Line. With the easydesk, the controls are even simpler and sleeker. Very satisfied.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Why have I waited so long?

 am 4 November 2020

I have been using the table in my home office for a week and wonder why I didn't buy it months ago! The delivery was very fast and the two packages were very well packed. The assembly is really easy, the instructions are easy to understand even for non-experts. I mounted a smaller board (140 x 65) and it works perfectly. But the most important thing for me is the stability of the table, even when it is raised. Nothing wobbles, not even the monitor holder that is firmly clamped to the table. An absolutely recommendable, high-quality product at a very fair price.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

EASYDESK (white)

 am 22 October 2020

The frame came in 2 packages, one with the centre rail (~10kg) and one with the legs + accessories (~20kg), overall everything is very well packed. All you need for assembly is a Phillips screwdriver and an Allen key. I ordered a 180x80cm boho tabletop to go with it, delivery time for everything together five days. top.

The assembly is very easy, place the table top with the top side on the floor (if you build alone, maybe on the bed, then it is easier to turn the table later), pull out the middle rail (support length 1.15m to 1.75m can be changed in 5cm steps), align it centrally with the clipped-on fastening rails, screw it tight and then fasten the control element at the desired position. Everything is sufficiently described and illustrated in the operating instructions. After screwing the table legs in place, finally mount the feet with an Allen key. Takes less than 15 minutes in total, unpacking took longer. ^^

The control element can be paired, set up and controlled remotely via an app (LINAK DeskControl) using Bluetooth. For automatic operation, the "Automatic procedure" must be activated for each direction (incl. confirmation that this happens at your own responsibility). Works perfectly. Small gimmicks like activity tracking and reminders are also stored.

The collision sensor is not a separate dongle on the 2021 models, but is integrated directly into the frame. However, it only works for me if I have activated the "automatic procedure".

The only thing I would like to see is a cable duct built into the centre rail for power or control cables so that, depending on where you want to have the power connection and control element, i.e. to the left or right of the table, there is always a clean cable routing to the rear, currently only designed for the right.

Overall, however, a great table, super processed, stable in all heights and really easy to assemble.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.


 am 15 October 2020

The delivery to the UK took only 3 Days. Great product and customer support.

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