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  • 5-year warranty
  • Made in Germany
  • 2 different control units possible
  • Available in 4 colours
  • Tested by TÜV Rheinland

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With the table frame height adjustable electric "Premium Line" we offer you a German premium product that meets the highest standards. It has been independently tested by TÜV Rheinland for its design and safety. The extremely fast and reactive approach with up to 70 mm/second will convince you permanently at work and the low noise level of maximum 42 dB will not disturb you. Two independent collision sensors reliably prevent malfunctions and react at lightning speed in an emergency. The smallest changes in position are registered by the intelligent sensor system and collisions are reliably avoided thanks to a quick stop and minimal countermovement. When assembling the desk frame, we continue to give you valuable time: thanks to tool-free quick connections, assembly is completed in just under 15 minutes.

Our Premium Line desk is available in four different colors. The modern control system allows the desk to move smoothly and quickly at different working heights. The desk is very stable both in the retracted and extended position.


Made in Germany: comfort, safety and dynamics guaranteed

  • Dual long-lasting electric motors with progressive height adjustment of up to 70 mm per second
  • 2-way lift for maximum stability
  • Integrated collision protection with a highly sensitive gyro sensor, two independent auto shut-offs and fast response in the event of an emergency
  • Softstart/stop function for slow starting and stopping
  • Unbeatably quiet in operation at no more than 42 dB
  • Integrated cable management
  • You have the choice: retractable manual switch with complete operating safety, subtle blue lighting and display with flush mounting option or "Retro-Edition" handset with buttons and haptic feedback, 4 memory positions and display
  • Minimum power consumption in standby
  • Installed at an unbeatable speed – just under 15 minutes
  • Child lock function integrated
  • Higher performance level in operation


Tested quality, standards, awards and certificates

  • 100% Made in Germany
  • Independently tested by TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH for safety and construction with regular production monitoring
  • 100% CMR-free production (cancerogen mutagen reprotoxic)
  • RoHS/REACH compliant production: no harmful substances in the electric components
  • Certified quality in production thanks to DIN EN ISO environmental, energy and quality management system
  • Sustainable thinking: the desktop can either be repaired using spare parts or recycled
  • Plastic-free packaging with a minimum of 80% waste paper, 100% recyclable



Dimensions and technical information

Height adjustable: 62 – 127 cm

Width of telescope feature: 120, 140, 160 or 180 cm

Lifting speed: up to 70 mm/second

Desktop widths: 120, 140, 160, 180 or 200 cm

Desktop depth: 75 – 80 cm

Load-bearing capacity: up to 100 kg

Standby power consumption: 0.1 watt

Noise level in operation: 42 dB



Powder-coated steel


Package contents

  • Table frame
  • Standard-Control-Unit (rocker switch) – illuminated
  • Assembly materials for the assembly of 25 mm thick desktops
  • Assembly and user instructions

Downloads & Assembly instructions

Installation and operating instructions

Operating instructions "Hand controller retro edition"



The advantages of a height-adjustable desk

By adopting different postures throughout the day, you can reduce the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Moving more is key to improving circulation, concentration and energy levels. Our height adjustable desk frames are the perfect choice for you if you want to improve your physical and mental well-being at work.
In addition, an electric sit & stand table is the suitable solution to comply with the 60/30/10 rule, which is recommended by numerous health experts. Under this rule, you spend 60 per cent of the time sitting, 30 per cent of the time standing and the remaining 10 per cent moving. A height-adjustable desk also provides the advantage that you can maintain an ergonomic posture at all times – both when standing and sitting. This helps you avoid fatigue or pain in your back and neck.

Discover the Premium Line deskframe together with other furniture from boho office®

Compared to a conventional desk, a height-adjustable desk promotes better posture and more movement, which in turn has a positive effect on your overall health. This is because increased flexibility and more movement in your daily work routine lead to increased productivity at work.

Height adjustable desk frame Premium Line: Would you like to combine your desk frame with other intelligent office furniture or accessories? boho office® offers practical solutions where timeless design and functionality go hand in hand. Our office furniture can be harmoniously integrated into almost any working environment.

Optimise the functionality of your desk with our wide selection of base drawers, monitor raisers and cable channels.

Take a look at our range of office furniture and accessories and choose the perfect items for your workplace or home office.

  • Table frame: free shipping by parcel service (DE)
  • Desktop (not included in the delivery): free shipping with forwarding agent with delivery notification (DE) to roadside
  • 5 years' service and warranty
Customer evaluation for "Premium Line"

Made in Germany - quality you can trust!

 am 13 December 2023

A table frame you can rely on! I appreciate the stability and workmanship of the Premium Line. A clear recommendation to buy!

High quality and chic product

 am 25 August 2023

The apparently somewhat higher price was definitely worth it in my eyes. The frame seems very high quality and solid. The assembly is also well explained!

Source: Amazon,automatically translated.


 am 2 March 2023

I have had the Premium frame for a few months because I liked the stepless switch so much.
And now we have another Basic because my husband likes the control with a numerical value and programme buttons better. Both are simply great.
Really stable and the motors run perfectly.
With table tops 160x80. Solid wood boards with 2.5cm and monitor with holder. Very stable when you stand on it and lean against it. Nothing wobbles. The coffee stays in the cup. Perfect!
The assembly of both stands was impeccable. The online videos leave no questions unanswered. I was able to assemble them on my own, only when setting them up are 2 people helpful because of the weight.
The deliberately thought-out plastic-free packaging stood out positively here. Everything about the concept is sound.
Just one tiny detail, not so much a criticism as a hint: to finish setting up the Premium table and tighten the last 4 screws, I had to go to the DIY store for a short while because my assortment of Allen spanners was not sufficient and none was included. But it makes sense, you just have to know. I think it's a size 8 that you need. It was missing from my tool drawer, unfortunately.
If you know that, or are equipped accordingly, then the table is up and running in no time. And since then, no problems.
Really thrilled. The table does its job stably at all heights.
We are tall, so the tables are almost as high as they can go, and yet everything remains stable.
For comparison, I could see an Ergotopia, which is OK, but not as fixed and stable as the boho tables. IKEA is not comparable because they are much worse.
Thanks! Really good! We are just completely satisfied.

Fully satisfied, got solid, stable desk

 am 1 March 2023

I deliberately chose the Premium Line because I liked the switch. This has been confirmed in practice. Just hold it and set it to the height you want. The motors are fast and have a pleasantly quiet sound.
If you want fixed programmed heights, you need a motor with a display.
I am convinced of the stability. My old frame, a Deskfit, caused the coffee to sway when extended and also gave way a bit when leaning against it. That doesn't happen here. With the same tabletop and configuration. Everything is stable and solid.
The frame has to support a solid wood top of 2.5 cm and a monitor with holder.
Smooth assembly with the instructions or YT video. The plastic-free packaging is optimally thought out.
Actually thrilled all around.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Great product and super fast delivery

 am 21 December 2022

I like the height frame. It rises quietly and is really stepless. So I was able to set my optimal height directly. Service is also top: the order was placed very quickly. It arrived directly and without any problems. Questions to the team were also answered immediately.
A little tip: Assembly is not difficult, but you should take the time to read the instructions carefully. Once in the loop, it was quickly assembled.

Very good, solid and high quality.

 am 28 November 2022

Great solid product! Very variable in width. Quiet motors with good start-up and brakes.

Only for the assembly you should not have two left hands. The mm specification for the pilot hole is too large in my view. And who has a torque spanner at hand?
But it also works without.

Source: Amazon, automatically translated.

Super great table frames I can recommend

 am 17 November 2022

Claps without a hitch, the motor is quiet, customer service is simply top notch.

Source: Amazon automatically translated.


 am 18 July 2022

Easy to understand assembly instructions. Very stable frame.

Source : Amazon

Very high quality and stable

 am 21 March 2022

Very pretty, high-quality and stable frame. Even when extended all the way up, it hardly wobbles at all. Motor is also quite fast and not overly loud. I can definitely recommend it.
The only drawback would be the assembly: you have to plug a power cable into the motor, and unfortunately you can't get to this point once the table is fully assembled. This means that if for some reason the power cable should come loose from the motor or slip out slightly, you would first have to unscrew the tabletop completely from the frame just to be able to plug the cable back in again. Whoever thought of that... well. But as long as the cable stays where it is, everything fits.

Source: Amazon

5.0 out of 5 stars Suer product

 am 18 January 2022

The frame is super processed
Price and performance fit.
Fast delivery
Can be recommended

Source: Amazon

Stable and high

 am 17 December 2021

I am completely satisfied. The table rises high enough (125 according to the display) so that I (195) can stand in front of it. The assembly took time, as I had to pre-drill all the holes that had to be made in the plate. But it was definitely worth it.

Highly recommended for the home office, because otherwise you sit all day.

Top quality "Made in Germany" at a fair price

 am 29 November 2021

The Premium Line table frame is perfectly crafted, very stable in the retracted & extended position. Adjustment to pre-set working heights is quick and smooth. The assembly instructions leave no questions unanswered. Highly recommended.

Quiet and fast

 am 2 November 2021

I bought this beautiful desk 2 years ago and it still works as expected.

great table, great service, am extremely satisfied - order a second one

 am 18 October 2021

I ordered a height-adjustable Premium Line table for a daughter a year ago. I am extremely satisfied, the technician was immediately available on the phone and provided comprehensive and friendly information. After the collision sensor was defective, a replacement was sent promptly and free of charge! Thank you! I am very satisfied with the table! I am now ordering another one for the second daughter!

Enthusiastic all round!

 am 5 December 2020

- Super fast delivery in a turbulent time
- Everything well packed
- Everything feels stable and of good quality
- Assembly was fun!
- Stability absolutely suitable for work
- Driving noise fully within limits
- I am totally enthusiastic.
- I can absolutely recommend it!

Nice customer-service

 am 15 October 2020

had a few questions before ordering so called the customer service and they were brilliant.

Robust desk frame in premium quality

 am 18 September 2020

+ Well packed and quickly delivered
+ Heavy and robust desk frame
+ Valuable overall impression
+ Queries are answered very quickly and competently by the manufacturer
+ Desk top moves up and down at a pleasant volume
We assembled the desk in about 2 hours with two people. We also ordered a desk top directly from the manufacturer. Overall, I am very satisfied so far and can recommend the desk frame (and also the separately orderable desk top) without reservation.

Stable and reliable

 am 25 March 2020

Great frame, very stable even when extended and quiet to use. I can recommend it !

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