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Ergonomic standing aid black

Manufacturer: boho office
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  • Unbeatable value for money
  • Dynamic sitting and standing
  • Upholstered seat
  • Ergonomics, functionality and design

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Experience what it's like to get maximum flexibility at work from the boho office® stand/sit aid. Keep your back and joints fit by alternating between sitting and standing upright to prevent back pain, joint disorders and vein problems. Movement while sitting improves blood circulation and encourages active posture changes throughout the working day.
The stand/sit aid is perfect for working from home, fosters work ergonomics in the office or sharing desks with co-workers. The hard-wearing, long-lasting fabric is ideal for heavy-duty, everyday use.


Unbeatable value for money with ergonomic benefits that are instantly felt

  • Dynamic flexibility from being able to work while standing or sitting for persons up to 190 cm tall
  • Extremely hard-wearing, sloping, concave and upholstered seat
  • Infinitely variable pneumatic height adjustment and seat springing for maximum comfort
  • Integrated recessed handles take every last effort out of moving the chair to wherever it's needed
  • Sturdy foot for standing stability, rubber-coated, suitable for all floors
  • Quick and easy installation


Tested quality, standards, awards and certificates

  • Gas spring certified by TÜV Süd Product Service
  • Designed with sustainability in mind: whichever the preferred option, the stand/sit aid can be repaired with spare parts or fully recycled







Seat upholstery

Foam 50 mm thick

Polyester cover fabric: black

Seat surface WxH: approx. 320 x 50 mm

Seat height: approx. 56 – 81 cm


Sturdy foot

Size WxH: approx. 360 x 105 mm

Colour: black

including rubber coating, suitable for all floors


Package contents

Standing aid

Assembly and user instructions



Why you should buy our ergonomic standing aid

The ergonomic standing aid from boho office® is an ideal addition to height-adjustable desks, especially for long working days. It allows you to switch frequently between sitting and standing, which significantly improves ergonomics at the workplace. With its help, you can maintain an upright posture, which relieves pressure on the back and thus reduces the risk of long-term back problems. The ergonomic standing aid promotes dynamic standing and sitting, which contributes to better blood circulation and prevents the negative effects of prolonged standing. The upholstered seat ensures a comfortable sitting experience, even over long periods of time. The height is adjustable, making it an ideal standing aid for different body sizes. The frame of the stool is not only stable and durable, but also blends aesthetically into any office environment. The pneumatic height adjustment and seat suspension offer maximum comfort and support a dynamic way of working. This makes the standing aid an indispensable tool at the workplace for active and healthy working. With its excellent price-performance ratio, the ergonomic standing aid is a worthwhile investment for anyone who wants to improve their work ergonomics.


Ergonomic office furniture – why it's good to have it

Ergonomic office furniture, such as office standing aids and height-adjustable desks, are essential for a healthy workplace. They help to minimise the effects of a sedentary lifestyle by encouraging movement and correct posture. Ergonomics in the workplace is crucial to avoid long-term health problems and improve overall well-being. The use of ergonomic office furniture helps to reduce back pain and muscular tension often caused by long working days and poor sitting postures. An ergonomic standing aid makes it possible to keep the body moving and prevents the stiffness associated with prolonged sitting. This not only promotes health, but also productivity and concentration. Investing in ergonomic office furniture is an investment in your health. With features such as height-adjustable table frames and ergonomically designed chairs, the workplace becomes a place where you can work not only efficiently but also healthily. This furniture is designed to help maintain your physical and mental health in the long term.


Complete ergonomics for your office with boho office®

With ergonomic office furniture from boho office® you create not only a functional but also an aesthetically pleasing workspace. The modern design and high quality finish of our furniture ensures that your office is not only ergonomic, but also stylish. boho office® takes your ergonomic workspace to the next level by offering a comprehensive range of furniture and accessories specifically designed for comfort and health in the workplace. From ergonomic standing aids that make it easier to stand for long periods when working in a standing position, to sitting and standing aids that encourage regular changes between sitting and standing, boho office® has everything you need for a fully equipped ergonomic workstation. The range includes a variety of products that aim to avoid rigid postures and promote supported standing. These products are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, so they can be seamlessly integrated into any office or home workspace. Whether for concentrated individual work or team collaboration, boho office® offers ergonomic solutions that increase productivity and well-being. In addition, boho office® allows you to personalise your workplace with a wide range of accessories. From cable management solutions to stylish and functional storage options, everything is designed to optimise your workspace while offering an appealing design. With boho office® ergonomic office furniture and accessories, you can create a workplace that perfectly combines health, efficiency and style.

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Customer evaluation for "Ergonomic standing aid black"

Absolute recommendation

 am 1 January 2024

Pure comfort: the standing aid is not only functional, but also extremely comfortable. The upholstered seat ensures comfortable sitting and relieves pressure on the legs.

Pure flexibility

 am 30 December 2023

What particularly characterises this standing aid is its adaptability. With different height settings, I can customise it precisely to my needs. Whether I'm working at a desk or at a standing workstation - this standing aid is always flexible.

Absolutely thrilled!

 am 24 August 2023

I like the stool very much, just right for my back, which used to hurt. More comfortable than sitting on a chair. Just put a thin seat cushion on it and that's it. Very pleasant for back pain, I am very happy that I bought it and I will definitely recommend it to others. LG

Beautiful and practical chair

 am 24 August 2023

I use the chair for my home office every day of the week for at least 8 hours. I no longer have any physical complaints. Because the chair is round at the bottom and shakes slightly with every movement, you have to rebalance it. It's really good for my body, it's amazing. On the previous kitchen chair I always had discomfort/pain in my back and shoulder area after work. This is now gone. I can only recommend it, even for people who have no complaints, it is super flexible and clearly makes you more productive.

Very satisfied

 am 8 August 2023

Super standing aid! Relieves the strain on my legs when I work standing up.

Super chair

 am 21 July 2023

One day I entered a conference room with nothing but these few padded boxes. I doubt it very much. But after spending a morning on a wobbly chair, I immediately ordered two for my office. Especially during video conferences, I like to sit on it and it's the ideal stool to sit next to a colleague's screen.

Great product

 am 20 July 2023

Even with the seat cushion it can be a little uncomfortable for long periods of time, but for short periods of sitting up it's perfect, the height is super easy to adjust and it looks really good.


 am 17 June 2023

Bought for our son (14 years old). He sits very flexibly, which is important to us. The height adjustment is also very easy and practical. Also very nice. The prices may seem high at first glance, but they are definitely justified. It is also very useful for us, the parents.

Good quality

 am 22 May 2023

Is perfect for office work!

Great stool

 am 20 May 2023

A very clear recommendation!
Very, very good quality and mega sitting comfort, really beautifully finished. The price is clearly justified!
The adjustment is very easy.

Great value for money and service

 am 16 May 2023

I received extremely good and friendly advice on site and am very satisfied with the quality of the standing aid!

boho standing aid

 am 8 May 2023

I feel comfortable and safe. Sit upright and with a cushion it becomes more comfortable. I can recommend it with a clear conscience

Perfect price

 am 7 May 2023

Really great chair and a very reasonable price for it.

Top standing stool !

 am 2 May 2023

Since I spend a lot of time standing in my home office, I decided to buy this ergonomic standing aid. It is easy to assemble and offers me a pleasant way to vary my workplace. The surface is non-slip and the height adjustment is child's play. I can now move freely without neglecting my health. This standing aid is worth investing in my well-being.


 am 26 April 2023

very great product from Boho. good price

Ingenious design, premium quality

 am 18 April 2023

Really super quality, stable and perfect design, very high standard of material, in daily use for several months, no visible signs of use!
Helps me to significantly reduce my back pain in the lumbar region. I use the stool at my desk (lowest level) as well as for playing a musical instrument (highest level), can be used for both activities without ergonomic loss and the stability remains absolutely identical, the stool has never slipped. It is essential to order it with the matching seat cushion (top quality here too, by the way).

Simply good....

 am 10 April 2023

I am not the one with severe physical complaints. I don't need the chair because of back pain. I needed a space-saving seat for the children and felt the stool was so good that I bought it myself, something that does NOT happen often! :D
Actually, you can't sit on it wrong anymore. You can always adjust the height to the person who wants to sit on it, be it a child or an adult.

Better than an office chair

 am 23 March 2023

I think the wobble chair is great. You can literally dance on it while sitting, which is certainly fun for the spine. The chair is very non-slip, even on carpet.

The chair has clearly earned the 5 stars, a clear recommendation!

Sits very well!

 am 12 March 2023

I didn't have any pain, but I decided to use a stool because I didn't have room for a proper office chair. You definitely need a cushion. The fees associated with additional purchases are an expensive joke. I found another round cushion. The stool is perfectly adjustable in height and I can sit on it for 8 hours without pain. It's good for the back. I found that possible movement was definitely enough. I am very satisfied. My husband sits on the stool when I don't need it and he has back problems. He seems to like it too and it does a good job.

First impression good

 am 18 January 2023

Solid product, easier to transport would be handy.

If you want to sit Without sitting ;)

 am 14 January 2023

In my permanent home office and now with a standing table, I needed an alternative to the massive office chair.

The expensive versions were out of the question due to budget constraints, so I ordered the standing aid from boho, because it was advertised a lot and its design was appealing. Packaging and co. were chic and appealing and the product itself is also convincing. Simple in design, functional and good in feel. Comfortable. But that's exactly what it's supposed to do. To take a break without having to sit for hours.

Therefore, in terms of price-performance ratio: everything is chic and worth buying.

No more back pain at last!

 am 21 December 2022

I have been looking for a solution to manage my back pain at work for a long time. The Boho Office ergonomic standing support has exceeded my expectations. It supports my spine and relieves pressure on my legs and feet, so I feel much better, even after long days at work. The build quality is excellent and the height adjustment is a breeze. I can recommend this product to anyone who has to spend a lot of time standing and doesn't want to neglect their health.

Perfect solution for my home office!

 am 1 September 2022

The ergonomic standing aid from Boho Möbel has taken my workspace to a new level. I recently switched to a height-adjustable standing desk and this standing aid makes standing really comfortable. The adjustability of the height allows me to find the ideal position and the solid construction gives me a sense of stability. I was worried about the price, but it was definitely worth it. I can now work for hours without feeling tired or uncomfortable. Clear buy recommendation!

Great standing aid for long working days!

 am 26 July 2022

I have been using the Boho office ergonomic standing aid for a few weeks now and I am absolutely thrilled. As a freelance graphic designer, I spend hours at my desk and this standing aid has really made a difference. The height adjustability allows me to find the perfect position to take the strain off my back and legs. The non-slip surface gives me the confidence to stand securely and the chic design fits in perfectly with my home office. Clear recommendation for anyone looking for a healthy alternative to sitting!

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