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Important Tips: Adjustable desk for children – Beneficial from 1st Grade for homework

Children grow quickly, and their needs change just as rapidly. Therefore, it's important to create an environment that can keep up with them.

Jonas Sommer

Jonas Sommer

19. February 2024, 12:43 Uhr

An adjustable, height-adjustable desk is the ideal solution for parents looking for a functional piece of furniture that adapts to their children’s changing size and evolving needs. In this article, we will shed light on the benefits of adjustable desks for children.

When does a child need a desk?

A child can benefit from having their own desk as soon as they start engaging in school activities. This can be as early as preschool age when they initially complete simple drawing and crafting tasks. However, having their own desk becomes particularly important when your child starts elementary school and needs to do homework.

How big should a desk for children be?

The size of the desk should correspond to the age and size of the child. A children’s desk should generally be lower than an adult desk. The ideal size depends on your child’s height. A desk should be sized so that the child can sit comfortably, with feet flat on the floor or on a footrest, and hands comfortably resting on the tabletop. An adjustable desk, such as the models from boho office®, offers the ability to adjust the height accordingly to keep up with the child’s growth.

What does a child need at the desk?

A well-equipped adjustable desk should have enough workspace to accommodate books, writing utensils, and a computer or laptop. Good lighting, such as a desk lamp, is essential for protecting your child’s eyes and promoting concentration. Additionally, a comfortable seating option, such as an ergonomic chair or exercise ball, can help improve your child’s posture and provide more comfort while learning.

How high should a desk be for elementary school students?

The height of a desk for elementary school students should generally be between 60 and 65 cm, depending on the child’s height. The Homedesk from boho office® fits perfectly here! It is important to ensure that the desk is adjusted so that the child’s elbows are bent at an angle of about 90 degrees when writing or working.

Tip 1: Ergonomic adjustment of the children’s desk

Height adjustability is key to creating an ergonomic workspace for children. Adjustable desks allow you to adjust the table height to your child’s height. This way, you can ensure that your child sits at the desk in a healthy and comfortable posture. Products from boho office®, such as the Homedesk or the Homedesk Eco, offer this crucial feature to promote your children’s health.

Tip 2: Stability and durability of the desk

A high-quality adjustable desk for children should not only be height-adjustable but also stable and durable. Crucial for this are, among other things, the lifting columns and the motors of the table frame. This way, you can be sure that your child will enjoy their desk for many years to come.

Ein stabiler Schreibtisch ist wichtig für das Kinderzimmer

Tip 3: Variety of colors – adjustable desk

The appearance of a desk also plays an important role, especially in children’s rooms. boho office® always offers three colors for the table frame and many colors and surfaces for tabletops, including blue or green. This way, you can choose the desk to match the decor of the children’s room and create a harmonious environment.

Tip 4: Adaptability of the table to any room

The variety of colors and designs makes adjustable desks from boho office® a great choice for any children’s room. Whether you prefer a colorful and playful ambiance or a simple and modern decor, you will surely find the right desk.

In summary, adjustable desks from boho office® provide a clever and practical solution for parents looking for a desk that can keep up with their growing children. With their ergonomic adaptability, stability, color selection, and scientific support, these desks are an investment in the health and well-being of your children. Explore the variety of products at boho office® and create an ideal workspace for your growing students.

Your checklist for an electrically height-adjustable desk – for the children’s room or youth room

Ergonomic adjustment:

  1. Is the desk height-adjustable to adapt to your child’s height?
    Does it provide enough room for future growth?
  2. Stability and durability:
    Is the desk constructed to be stable and robust to withstand the demands of an active child?
    Can it be used for many years without losing quality?
  3. Color selection:
    Are there different color options to match the desk to the decor of the children’s room?
    Which color option best matches the existing decor?
  4. Room layout:
    Does the desk fit well in the available space in the children’s room?
    Is there enough space for chairs and freedom of movement?
  5. Value for money:
    How does the price of the desk compare to similar models on the market?
    Is the investment in the quality and functionality of the desk worthwhile?
  6. Customer experiences:
    Are there reviews and testimonials from customers who have purchased the same desk for their home?
    What opinions and recommendations are available regarding the desk?
  7. Warranty and customer service:
    Does the manufacturer provide a warranty on the desk?
    How is the manufacturer’s customer service rated?
  8. Learning environment:
    Consider your child’s individual learning needs and preferences when choosing the desk.
    Create an inspiring learning environment that fosters your child’s engagement and creativity.
  9. Sustainability:
    If possible, inquire about the environmental friendliness of the materials and manufacturing processes of the desk.
    Choose products that are durable and generate less waste.
Achten Sie auf Bildschirmzeiten bei Kindern und Jugendlichen

Watch screen time for children and adolescents

How long should a child spend in front of the screen? Recommended screen time depends on the child’s age.

  • For children under 2 years old, it is recommended not to have screen time.
  • Preschool-age children (3-5 years old) should not spend more than 1 hour per day in front of the screen.
  • For school-age children (6-17 years old), the recommended daily screen time is 1 to 2 hours.
  • It is important to take regular breaks to rest the eyes and move around.
  • Children should not spend more time on the computer than necessary for school or learning activities.
  • Individual tolerance and needs may vary for each child, so balanced screen usage is crucial.

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